Paul Niven

Paul Niven
Paul Niven is a consultant, author, and noted speaker on the subjects of OKRs, strategy, strategy execution, and the Balanced Scorecard. He works with clients around the globe, helping them develop and execute their unique strategies. Paul’s clients include: Anheuser-Busch, Panasonic, the United States Navy, World Vision, and many others.  Paul is the author of six highly acclaimed books, which have been translated in over 15 languages around the globe.

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Zack Ross

Zack Ross is a 17 year veteran of the technology industry and is currently a Senior Technical Program Manager for Google in Mountain View, California. In this role, Zack drives engineering teams to align departmental objectives with company strategy. Previously, Zack worked at Amazon where he led initiatives to expand Amazon’s footprint into European marketplaces; in particular protecting users against fraud, abuse, and money laundering.

Kevin Baum – Global OKRs Coach

Author and consultant Kevin Baum is a 20-year government executive who retired young to pursue his passion – helping organizations large and small to get laser-focused on why they exist, for whom, in order to achieve what results, and how to measure them. Since 2003 Kevin has worked with hundreds of organizations across the country as a strategy execution and performance management coach. Kevin is world-renown for his ability to develop results measures for activities that do not lend themselves to easy statistical manipulation, and his signature peer-reviewed article, When an Inspector Calls, was translated into over a dozen languages and circulated around the world. Kevin is a popular motivational speaker and talks regularly on leadership, performance accountability, OKRs, employee engagement and conflict management.

The OKRsTraining.com Difference

With most consulting and training firms, customizing engagements to fit client needs is the exception. At OKRsTraining.com it’s how we do business. Based on our proven methodology, each client engagement is approached with a standard set of tools. However, no two engagements are the same, and using the tools as the situation dictates maximizes client success. Our clients tell us time and again that they value this flexibility.


  • Detailed analysis of each client’s unique situation to ensure the best (most appropriate) approach is applied
  • Willingness to alter the design of the work throughout the implementation (as we learn more about the client’s situation)
  • Customized tools, techniques, and facilitation methods to ensure client success


“Finding the right approach to OKRs is one of the keys in getting them adopted. OKRsTRaining.com helped us figure out a solution that worked for us, and what we were looking to achieve with OKRs. They were a strategic partner, helping us to roll out the right program.” Madlyn Del Monte, Change Management Lead, Fortune 100 Global B2B company
Your organization and the challenges you face may be complex, but the best solutions are simple and pragmatic. Our job (and we love doing it!) is to comb the academic literature for the latest insights, study best practices from around the globe, and draw from previous client experiences to ensure we’re providing the best solution to your needs.


  • Ability to translate academic concepts into tools that are accessible for all organizations
  • Recognition that organizations value and expect simple pragmatic solutions to the challenges they face
  • Creation and deployment of simple yet powerful tools and techniques to create robust deliverables


“Paul Niven makes the process of learning and implementing these tools seamless. And his
storytelling during workshops makes a typically dry subject of Performance Measurement very
enjoyable and motivating.” Nicole Suydam, Chief Executive Officer, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County (CA.)
The more we’ve learned about OKRs and strategy execution, the more it becomes clear that successful implementations have as much to do with leading change as they do with robust strategies, objectives, and key results. Therefore, we’ve conducted extensive research on change management and include key change techniques in our engagements.


  • Recognition of change management as vital to strategy and execution success
  • Inclusion of change techniques in each engagement
  • Customized change interventions to suit each client implementation


“Performance Management excellence is as complex as it is critical to maintaining a company’s competitive edge and delivering long-term sustainable growth. Paul Niven’s leadership provides you with the guidance and change management necessary to successfully implement your management system.” Allan MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Tire Corporation

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