OKR Champion Certification

Certify Champions, Ambassadors & Key Employees in OKR

For your OKR effort to succeed, your organization needs an internal OKR Champion and knowledge expert to guide and synchronize the effort, inspire and motivate your employees, push the effort forward, and collaborate with the C-level suite on progress.  Team-level OKR Ambassadors need to be knowledge experts in order to create high-quality OKRs that drive employee engagement and align for cross-functional collaboration.  It is crucial for the success of your OKR effort that your Champion, Ambassadors and Team Leads receive the best training available and we are the global leader in OKR Training.

Become a Certified Objective & Key Results Professional (OKRP)

Develop the skills necessary to:

  • Successfully launch and implement an OKR initiative in your organization utilizing our proven 4-step process
  • Get your business laser focused on what matters most
  • Craft and write Objectives that align to the Company’s Big Vision
  • Craft and write Key Results that measure business impact, not input
  • Align your entire enterprise around a common strategic direction
  • Facilitate teams in meaningful dialogue as they create and align their own OKRs
  • Conduct mid-quarter and quarterly reviews for cross-functional learning
  • Create healthy habits to build and grow your OKR muscle

In this training you will learn:

OKRstraining.com is proud to introduce a new, comprehensive OKR Certification program for your internal OKR Champion, Ambassadors and Team Leads. Some of what we cover in this day and a half program include:

  • History of OKRs and best management practices.
  • The ABCs of OKRs – what are they and how do they work?
  • Case studies in OKRs.
  • OKR implementation strategy – every organization is the same but different.
  • Writing/creating effective OKRs (including practice/discussion).
  • Aligning OKRs throughout the entire enterprise for transparency & focus.
  • Cross-walking OKRs into existing strategic frameworks for seamless execution.
  • Employee engagement – what is it and why is it so important?
  • Do’s and Do Not’s of OKR implementation.
  • Creating a Scorecard of Health Metrics.
  • Performance Diagnostics – you aren’t hitting your target, now what?
  • The OKRsTraining.com Framework – teaching you to fish!
  • OKRsTraining.com Tool Kit – setting you up for success.
  • OKR Software – What’s out there and how it can help.

Kick start your OKR effort, train key employees and build internal capacity for your OKR implementation through this world class OKR Champion Certification program.

Upcoming Live Events:

November 7-8 in Austin, Texas: Sold Out!

Next Workshop: April 2020 in Austin, Texas

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All Registrants Receive a Student Packet that includes:

  • A copy of Objectives & Key Results, Driving Focus, Alignment and Engagement with OKR, by Paul Niven
  • Self-Assessment Tool for OKR Facilitation Mastery
  • Copy of all Slides from 2-day training
  • Our complete Suite of OKR Tools for Sustainability
  • Software demo package
  • Affiliate application
  • Marketing Collateral

“The response from all of our employees to Kevin’s coaching and insight has been tremendous and overwhelmingly positive. In my 25 year career, he is one of the best and most gifted consultants that I have ever come across.”

-Doug Willmore (CEO, Salt Lake, NV)

“Paul and Kevin’s way of teaching is definitely one of the best I’ve seen especially for a complicated subject like OKRs. They presented the course material clearly, backed up with real world examples that are designed to show the key points and concepts. By taken the time in class and out to answer any questions, they provided a unique opportunity to fill my glass full with the knowledge I needed to facilitate actionable conversations with leaders inside my organization. Highly recommend this great opportunity.”

– Paul Greco (SAgile Transformation Coach)


“Best value to dollar OKRs training on the global market today.”– Kim (Just 3 Things)

Kevin Baum – OKR Certification Trainer

Kevin Baum is a 20-year government executive who retired young to pursue his passion – helping organizations large and small get laser-focused on why they exist, for whom, in order to achieve measurable results. Since 2003 Kevin has worked with hundreds of organizations across the country as a strategy execution and performance management coach.  Kevin is world-renown for his ability to develop results measures for activities that do not lend themselves to easy statistical manipulation, and his signature peer-reviewed article, “When an Inspector Calls”, was translated into over a dozen languages and circulated around the world. Kevin’s book, Lessons From the Line, Why Every Leader Should Be A Firefighter For a Day, is a leadership classic. Kevin is a popular trainer who has worked with thousands of executives and managers in performance diagnostics and strategy execution. Kevin regularly gives talks on leadership, performance accountability, OKRs, and conflict management.

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