About OKRs Training

Our Vision & Mission

Our Big Vision at OKRsTraining.com is to become the Global Leader in OKR Coaching, Training, and Certification.
Our Mission is simple: To help organizations large & small get focused, aligned and engaged on what matters most, so that they may achieve their Big Vision.

What separates OKRs Training from the crowd?  That’s easy –

Our Experience

Experience in OKR Coaching requires more than a fancy website and a white paper.  Find out why we are the global leader in OKR Coaching, Training & Certification.

Our People

Your investment in us deserves an investment from us.  Meet our team of experts in OKR, Strategy Execution and Change Management.

Our OKR Framework

Simple. Sophisticated. Smart. Our proven process will get your company engaged and aligned on what matters most, so that you may achieve your Big Vision.

Our Approach

Your success is our success. We are committed to your OKR journey not just as coaches, but as active participants in your efforts to create a high-performance culture.

What People Say About Us?

Paul and Kevin’s way of teaching is definitely one of the best I’ve seen especially for a complicated subject like OKRs. They presented the course material clearly, backed up with real world examples that are designed to show the key points and concepts. By taken the time in class and out to answer any questions, they provided a unique opportunity to fill my glass full with the knowledge I needed to facilitate actionable conversations with leaders inside my organization. Highly recommend this great opportunity.

Paul Greco

Agile Transformation Coach