When you choose us as your partner, you’ll benefit from Paul’s 20+ years of experience and global recognition in OKRs, strategy execution, and change management, plus Zack’s two decades of hands-on OKRs and goal setting experience at Google and Amazon.


We understand that no two organizations are alike. We’ll work with you to design a tailored engagement uniquely suited to your needs. Here are some of the activities we may offer during your implementation.

If you’re new to OKRs we will:
Work onsite at your location to:
  • Provide OKRs training and education to leadership and participating groups
  • Facilitate Corporate level OKRs
  • Facilitate OKRs development with participating groups
  • Begin drafting deployment parameters for your implementation with your OKRs Project Manager
Provide extensive remote coaching:
  • Participate in calls with your OKRs Project Manager to answer any questions on OKRs or the implementation and provide feedback and recommendations
  • Lead multiple OKR coaching sessions with each of the participating groups developing OKRs
Develop these key OKR enablers:
  • OKRs deployment parameters. The key principles for your OKRs implementation to ensure an effective and efficient rollout
  • Answers to frequently asked OKR questions, a document you can share with employees that summarizes key OKRs questions and answers for your implementation
  • OKRs best practice checklist
  • Create an OKRs meeting rhythm and format that maximizes results
If you already have OKRs we will:
Review and assess your current OKRs in accordance with:
  • Best practices
  • Alignment with strategy
  • Alignment with other OKRs throughout the organization
Review your OKRs process as currently defined:
  • Goals for the OKRs program
  • Scoring
  • Cadence review
  • Adherence to OKRs best practices
  • Recommendations for improving the OKRs process

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